Stadium regulations

  1. The organiser (tenant) takes over the stadium Graz-Liebenau for his event and is responsible for compliance with the safety measures prescribed by the authorities.
  2. Before the stadium is opened to the public, a security tour must be carried out.
  3. All gates (escape routes) are to be kept unblocked and staffed with security personnel (stewards).
  4. The setting up of sales stands of any kind and the display of posters in the entire stadium area, including the stadium forecourt, is not permitted.
  5. The distribution of advertising material of any kind is subject to a charge and is only permitted with the prior approval of the stadium administration.
  6. The visitor of the stadium Graz-Liebenau submits to the house rules of the stadium with the purchase of the ticket.
  7. The instructions of the security staff and stewards must be followed.
  8. Staying on the stairs and escape routes is prohibited.
  9. The bringing in of fireworks, Bengal fires, incendiary devices, sticks, poles, umbrellas, bottles, cans, stones, stabbing, cutting and cutting objects as well as weapons of any kind is prohibited.
  10. Security guards and stewards are entitled to remove such items upon entry to the venue by inspecting the containers or items of clothing carried.
  11. Persons who are heavily intoxicated will not be permitted to enter the stadium or will be ejected from the stadium and will not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price.
  12. Visitors are informed that the police will monitor the stadium during the event by means of video recordings.
  13. Depending on the number and behaviour of fans or the course of the match, fans may be detained in individual sectors for a certain period of time by order of the Graz Federal Police Headquarters.
  14. In the case of international football matches (European Cup, international matches, etc.), the safety regulations of the international football associations (UEFA, FIFA) shall apply for competitions of the Austrian Football League and the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB), and the Federal League Safety Guidelines shall be an integral part of these ground and house regulations (Annex).
  15. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all stadium premises!
  16. In the stadium, the collection and/or transmission, production or dissemination of any information or data on the course of play, behaviour or other factors relating to the match, as well as any kind of recording of audio, video or audiovisual material of the match (whether through the use of electronic devices or otherwise) for the purpose of any form of betting, gambling or commercial activity that has not been approved in advance or that contravenes the general terms and conditions, is strictly prohibited, unless express approval has been given in advance by the organiser (hirer) and the Austrian Football League. Mobile devices may only be used for personal, private use. In the event of a breach of the aforementioned regulations, visitors may be refused access to the stadium or may be expelled from the stadium. In the event of a breach of the aforementioned regulations, the visitor shall be liable to the organiser (hirer) for any damage caused as a result, in particular if exclusive rights of third parties are infringed as a result of the breach, for compliance with which the ÖFBL and the organiser (hirer) shall be liable.