Advisory Board

Advisory board for the preservation of tradition and club identity

The advisory board for the preservation of tradition and club identity was constituted in the course of the general assembly 2020 and is composed of club members with expertise in disciplines such as history, archiving, knowledge transfer, literature, photography, art and design. Some of them have been active in various areas of the association for a long time.

A central task of the advisory board is to research the history of the soon to be 113-year-old club, to document it in an objective manner and to make it accessible to an interested public in the form of various activities - for example, to prepare texts and publications, to develop exhibitions or to hold presentations. In this context, the "Sturm Graz Collection" was founded by the advisory board in the course of the 2020/21 season, in which various objects and documents of the club's history, such as trophies, jerseys, pennants, publications, written documents, photographs and film footage, works of art or fan devotional objects are to be archived and maintained - and thus secured for the future - and subsequently also contextualized and, moreover, entered into a database. The goal is to expand the collection step by step, which is why members, fans and supporters of Sturm Graz are called upon to provide objects as donations, loans or for digitization for the Sturm Graz Collection. The active participation in the annual activities for the club's birthday on May 1st and the organization of stadium tours are further tasks of the committee. In addition, members of the advisory board oversee the club's legends club by acting as links between SK Sturm and its legends and also developing proposals for the admission of new members to the Legends Club.

The second essential function of the advisory board is to continuously evaluate current events in and around the club and to check whether they are in line with the mission statement as well as the historically grown identity. The advisory board regularly exchanges information with the club and advises the board and management in order to contribute to the continued positive development of SK Sturm in this area.

Members of the advisory board: Herbert Troger (chairman of the advisory board), Benjamin Sikora (deputy chairman of the advisory board), Martin Behr, Georg Kleinschuster, Philipp Ulrich, Patrick Weißenbacher, Christian Wiedner

: or +43 316 / 771 771

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