Styrian Academy - SK Sturm Graz

Admission criteria

All prospective students must prove both their sporting and academic aptitude for admission to the football academy. The sporting aptitude is checked in the course of a detailed practical test. The respective directors decide on admission to the HIB Liebenau or its cooperation schools. All candidates are obliged to attend a counselling interview with the school coordinator of the Football Academy Styria-Sturm Graz together with their legal guardians. Together, they will try to find the school that matches the talents and interests of each individual applicant.

Sports aptitude test

The academy invites all interested parties to a comprehensive aptitude test. The candidates are tested by experienced coaches with regard to their sport motor and ball skills. Special attention is paid to behaviour in the game.

Successful completion of an AHS lower secondary school or a lower secondary school according to § 40 Abs. 3 SchOG is required for admission to the BG/BORG HIB Liebenau (4-year) and the BORG Monsbergergasse (5-year). All interested students must apply in writing for admission to the school in the first two weeks after the semester break at the secretary's office of HIB Liebenau or BORG Monsbergergasse. It is essential that you bring your semester report with you.

A positive completion of the eighth grade is required for admission to the Sporthandelsschule.

Further information is available at: Styria Academy - Sturm Graz


    Managing Director Academy

    Dietmar Pegam

    Managing Director Academy

    Walter Hörmann

    Sports Manager & Individual Coach

    Thomas Böcksteiner

    Administrative Manager

    David Tauschmann

    School Coordinator

    Dieter Speer

Trainers and coaches

AKA U15: Head coach Thomas Kaiser, co-coach Kevin Maritschnegg

AKA U16: Head coach Mario Haas, co-coach Zeljko Balen

AKA U18: Head coach Gilbert Prilasnig, co-coach Matthias Rojs