Board of Trustees

SK Sturm Graz Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of SK Sturm Graz consists of personalities, decision-makers and opinion leaders from the fields of art and culture, science, politics, business, administration, media, church and sports, who are publicly committed to our football club founded in 1909. They are all ambassadors of the club and the values represented by Sturm Graz, which are summarized in the mission statement published in 2019.

In terms of content, the Board of Trustees, which was constituted in the course of the General Assembly in January 2020, sees itself as an active network supporting the club's interests. The goal of its activities is to anchor SK Sturm as broadly as possible in all relevant areas of society and to form a lobby for our independent members' club. In addition, the board of trustees wants to make the values of SK Sturm Graz, which are fed by tradition and emotion, visible and tangible off the football pitch as well. For the committee, the acquisition of members of the board of trustees was in the foreground in its first year. Among others, well-known personalities such as actor Michael Ostrowski, ski world champion Nicole Schmidhofer, cabaret artist Paul Pizzera, former University of Graz rector Helmut Konrad, cultural manager Christine Frisinghelli, journalist Christian Wehrschütz or director Thomas Roth could be won. The 40 or so personalities are united by their active Sturm membership.

The Board of Trustees not only maintains a regular exchange of ideas and develops various projects related to SK Sturm, it also has a control function: it can inspect the club's accounts and has the opportunity to point out any undesirable developments in day-to-day activities. Twice a year, a meeting with the club's executives is on the agenda. One of the first projects of the board of trustees is dedicated to the advancement of women in the association. On the one hand, ideas are developed how the pool of spectators and supporters of SK Sturm Graz Ladies can be further increased. On the other hand, new measures should also bring more women to the games of the fighting team in Liebenau.

Members of the board of trustees committee: Dr. Ernst Wustinger (chairman of the board of trustees), Mag. Elke Murlasits (deputy chairman), Martin Behr, Georg Kleinschuster, Oliver Parfi, Stefan Stücklschweiger, Horst Bischof