You want to play for the Black and Whites in the youth team and wear the Sturm jersey? Then you've come to the right place. Due to the current situation, however, no registrations are possible at the moment. As soon as there is the possibility of a trial training again, we will open the registration form here.

Code of values

The youth department of SK Sturm Graz has set itself the goal of imparting values to the children as part of their sporting training. Values that the youth department of Sturm Graz, its coaches and the parents should stand for:

Our children should be positively accompanied and supported during competition. Praise from the coaches and applause from the parents are among the top priorities so that the children can act courageously and with joy in the game.

Sporting advice may only be given by the coaches because we ensure that they are well trained and meet the requirements of modern football training.

The sporting advice given by our coaches also includes suggestions for improvement for the children, which is why criticism in sporting matters from parents is superfluous and absolutely undesirable.

We focus on the strengths of each individual child and not on their deficits. We expect the parents to support us in this by also reflecting with their children exclusively on their sporting successes.

Fairness must be lived consistently in youth football and of course also at SK Sturm Graz. Fairness towards all children, coaches and parents of one's own team and towards all children, coaches and parents of the opposing team as well as towards the referee enjoys the highest priority.

One of our goals is for the children to develop self-direction skills. Our training methods are specially designed to enable them to acquire this independence step by step. Parents can also contribute to this by, for example, letting the children clean their own football boots and carry their own sports bags.

Parents' questions about their child's development can and should be asked during a discussion with the coach or the youth management.

Another important concern for us is the promotion of team spirit. The best example of this for our children is when coaches and parents develop such a team spirit with each other and the parents with each other. Jealousies between coaches and especially between parents are ultimately not conducive to the team spirit that should develop between the children and must be avoided.


    Head of Junior Staff

    Dietmar Pegam

    Administrative Manager U8-U14

    Johannes Sittsam

    Head of Sport U8-U14

    Thomas Raffl


Thomas Raffl, Leiter Sport U8-U14:

Trainers and coaches

U14: Coach Thomas Raffl, Co-coach Christopher Matzold

U13: Coach Michel Hehlke, Co-coach Soni Vidovic

U12: Coach Lukas Loder, Co-coach Johannes Sittsam

U11: Coach Christian Klamler, Co-coach Martin Temmel

U10: Coach Raphael Jäger, Co-coach Philipp Sittsam

U9: Coach Bernd Kompass, Co-coach Lukas Zottler

U8: Coach Klaus Perchtold, Co-coach Lukas Zottler

More coaches: Goalkeeping coach Anna Carina Kristler, goalkeeping coach Patrick Posch, jumper Gernot Pirker, running coach Christian Röhrling, gymnastics coach Jörg Christandl, gymnastics coach Hanja Hains

Medical care: Physiotherapist Kevin Schwender