We have summarised the answers to the most burning questions about the new price structure of the Bundesliga subscription here.

Why was the subscription structure revised?

The focus is on children and young people. We consider this structure to be sustainable and are pursuing a long-term plan with it.

As a Black Member, do I still get -15% off my Bundesliga Abo?


Are the children's subscriptions in the family sector really free?

The prerequisite for a free children's subscription in the family sector is a valid Junior Member membership for €19.09 per calendar year.

Why are the price differences between full price, reduced and child different than before?

A transparent discount scheme applies throughout the stadium. Children receive a uniform 40% discount, reduced season tickets are 20% cheaper.

Why have the tickets in the Nordkurve become €60 cheaper?

The Sturm fans in the Nordkurve create our unforgettable stadium atmosphere at every home game. For the most part, they are also the ones who support SK Sturm at every away game. We don't take this fan culture for granted at all, but rather see it as great luck. Especially in times when everything is getting more expensive, we want to send a clear signal and support our youth in particular. Furthermore, after consultation with the fan groups, there will again be limited tickets for children. In addition, the Nordkurve consists mainly of standing room.

Why is the corner sector 22 a bit more expensive than the corner sectors 8 and 14?

Sector 22 has the following advantages in comparison: No netting to the pitch, two large main entrances, direct use of the entire infrastructure on the West distribution level (= more options for catering, more toilet facilities, access to the fan merchandise sales stand and autograph sessions, etc.).

Why does the season ticket cost the most in Sector 4?

Sector 4 (directly opposite the VIP) has the best seats in the whole stadium. Due to the proximity to the players' tunnel and the players' benches, you are right up close to the action and emotions are guaranteed!

Why are the tickets on the long side towards the corner flags cheaper and why are the tickets in sectors 7, 15 and 21 €50 cheaper than last year?

The graduation is based on the international standard and allows for balanced and fair pricing. This gives us the opportunity to offer significantly cheaper tickets on the long side as well. With this price scale, we want to make the price transition from the corner sectors to the long side more affordable and offer all Sturm fans suitable price categories.

Is the subscription also valid for SK Sturm Graz II home games?

For home games in the Regionalliga Mitte, yes. If the promotion to the 2nd league is successful, there will be a separate subscription. All Bundesliga subscribers receive a 10% discount on day tickets for home games in League 2.

Why is the abo for people in wheelchairs no longer free?

We have followed the international standard and made this decision together with the inclusion ambassadors. It is in the spirit of inclusion that people with disabilities are not preferred but treated equally. In return, the subscriptions for accompanying persons are no longer subject to a charge (provided that an accompanying person is noted in the disability pass).

Why is the €100 subscription for people in wheelchairs still cheaper than other subscriptions?

Because of possible structural restrictions. More information is available on request at inklusion@sksturm.at.