The eBundesliga starts into the 2022/23 season

For the sixth time, the Austrian Football League and its clubs are looking for the best FIFA players in Austria - the eBundesliga starts into the 2022/23 season. As usual, the matches are played in the team competition presented by Wiener Städtische, in the individual competition presented by Raiffeisen Club and in the Raiffeisen Club-Rookies Cup.

Last season, Ajdin Islamovic was the first player to defend his title in the individual competition, while SCR Altach won the team competition. SK Sturm shares the title of "record champions" with FC Red Bull Salzburg (2018/19 & 2019/20) with two championships (2017/18 & 2020/21).

Now the eBundesliga is entering a new emotionally charged edition. Just in time for the release of the new FIFA 23, players and clubs of the ADMIRAL Bundesliga can once again play on the digital green pitch.

Proven mode & changes

This season, the same mode as in the past three editions will be used. Thus, Austria's best FIFA players will again be sought in three separate competitions. In general, players are only allowed to compete for one club per season in the team and individual competitions. In addition, cross-play is possible in the individual competition in the online qualification - so you can play on the PS5 and your opponent on the XBOX Series X, the same applies to PS4 and XBOX One. On site, the individual and team competitions will be played exclusively on the PS5. In the individual competition, the field of participants for the final will be reduced from 64 to 32, as the feedback from the previous season has been taken into consideration and the players will be relieved.

Individual competition presented by Raiffeisen Club

Once again, the individual competition started with an online qualification in 90-player mode, in which the players chose their favourite club. Afterwards, in a club-internal online qualification, the aim was to be among the best five FIFA players of one's club, as they qualified for the individual final, which will take place on 25 March 2023. In addition, the four winners of the offline major tournaments will also be rewarded with starting places for the grand individual final. The last four tickets for the final play-off will again be played out this season as part of the eBundesliga Majors.

In this tournament format, all FIFA players - including those who missed out on the final via the club qualification - have another chance to compete for the title of Austria's best FIFA player. The game is played in 95-player mode, in which you choose your favourite club and all teams are set to the same in-game strength. As usual, participation in the eBundesliga Majors is free of charge.

The four winners of the eBundesliga Majors qualify for the individual final play-off of the eBundesliga and compete there in the all-star team alongside the 12 representatives of the ADMIRAL Bundesliga as the 13th "club" of the eBundesliga in a test of strength for the coveted title in the individual competition.

eBundesliga Majors - Dates:

  • 19. Nov. 2022 | Wien, Cape 10
  • 04. Dez. 2022 | Online
  • 28. Jan. 2023 | Salzburg, Europark

*iZm COVID-19 there may be changes (dates, venues or mode) at short notice.

To register free of charge for the eBundesliga Majors go to here.

The following players will represent Sturm at the individual event (shirt numbers):

  • Lugas Guglberger (27)
  • Dominik Lampacher (7)
  • Nico Felgitscher (77)
  • Marcel Martinelli (10)
  • Philipp Gutmann (8)

The play-off for the final, where the field will be reduced from 64 to 32 players, will take place on 04 or 05 February.

There, they put together their very own best-of-Bundesliga team in FIFA Ultimate mode and compete for prize money totalling 5,000 euros and the prestigious eBundesliga winners' trophy. The individual eBundesliga competition is also an official qualifier for the EA FIFA 23 Global Series. The winner receives a starting place in the FIFA Global Series Play-off. A further 5,000 euros in prize money will be divided among the best-placed players in the individual final.

The team competition presented by Wiener Städtische

In the team competition, the 12 clubs of the ADMIRAL Bundesliga can choose for themselves whether they nominate their team - consisting of 3 players and a substitute - freely or, for example, play out one or all of the team's places in a club-internal qualification. The complete overview of how to get into the eBundesliga team of your favourite club can be found at www.ebundesliga.at.

The game mode is based on the league format of the ADMIRAL Bundesliga: First, the clubs play against each other in eleven rounds in championship mode. The team strengths of the teams are completely balanced thanks to EA's 90-team mode. The six best-placed teams finally advance to the championship group. There, their points will be halved and they will fight for the eBundesliga championship title 2022/23 and prize money of 5,000 euros for the winning team in another five rounds, which will be held as part of the big team final on 26 March 2023.

Preliminary squad of the SK Sturm Graz eBundesliga team competition

  • Captain Philipp Gutmann (has started every time (5) for Sturm, two times champion in the team, one time runner-up in the singles)
  • Dominik Lampacher (from Vorarlberg, already has some eBundesliga experience)
  • Marcel Martinelli (long-serving Schwoaze at the controller, already there four times and once champion)
  • Nico Felgitscher (young player, already competed for Schwarz-Weiß in the singles last year)

The Raiffeisen Club Rookies Cup

The best FIFA talents in the country, who are between 12 and 16 years old and therefore not yet eligible to play in the eBundesliga, can prove their skills in the Raiffeisen Club-Rookies Cup, as they did in the two previous seasons, and show the eBundesliga professionals that they will give them a run for their money in the coming years. This competition will also be played in the 95-team mode. The qualification dates for the Rookies Cup final start in November. The final will take place as part of the team event on 26.03.2023.

Raiffeisen Club Rookies Cup - Qualification dates:

  • 19. Nov. 2022 | Wien, Cape 10
  • 04. Dez. 2022 | Online
  • 14. Jan. 2022 | Eisenstadt
  • 28. Jan. 2023 | Salzburg, Europark

*iZm COVID-19 there may be changes (dates, venues or mode) at short notice.

To register free of charge for the eBundesliga Club-Rookies Cup, go to here.

Participation free of charge

As in previous years, participation is free of charge and the 90-player mode once again guarantees equal opportunities for all participants. The games will be run by the ESVÖ, the Austrian eSports Association. All games on site will take place on PlayStation 5 with the new FIFA 23. As in previous years, the eBundesliga will be supported by renowned partners: in addition to the presenting partners Raiffeisen Club and Wiener Städtische, Magenta and MediaMarkt will also be involved again.

The way to the title

The registration phase for the 2022/23 eBundesliga season is now open and runs until 24 October. Until then, all participants can register with their favourite club for the individual competition presented by Raiffeisen Club at www.ebundesliga.at. Also there, they will find all the information on how the clubs nominate their squads for the team competition presented by Raiffeisen Club.

All information about the competition and registration can be found at www.ebundesliga.at.

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