Abo / Season Ticket & Waiting List

Get your regular seat for all home games of the Bundesliga and the ÖFB Cup (except the final) in the Merkur Arena for the 2022/23 season! Be there again, support SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz live and up close on site and enjoy all the benefits as a season ticket holder!

  • All Bundesliga home matches in the basic and final rounds as well as all ÖFB Cup home matches (except the final) live in the stadium
  • Right of first refusal on all international home matches
  • 10 % discount on fan articles
  • Free club magazine SturmEcho
  • Free annual calendar (collection in the SturmShops)
  • Free admission to all SK Sturm Graz ladies' home games
  • Sturm flag as an exclusive subscription gift
  • 10 % discount on day tickets for SK Sturm Graz II home games

Prices Abo 2022/23

      SEKTOR 4


      Vollpreis EUR 220,00
      Ermäßigt** EUR 176,00
      Kind*** EUR 132,00

      SEKTOREN 3/5/17/19


      Vollpreis EUR 215,00
      Ermäßigt** EUR 172,00
      Kind*** EUR 129,00

      SEKTOREN 2/6/16/20


      Vollpreis EUR 210,00
      Ermäßigt** EUR 168,00
      Kind*** EUR 126,00

      SEKTOREN 7/15/21


      Vollpreis EUR 185,00
      Ermäßigt** EUR 148,00
      Kind*** EUR 111,00

      SEKTOR 22


      Vollpreis EUR 150,00
      Ermäßigt** EUR 120,00
      Kind*** EUR 90,00

      SEKTOREN 8/14


      Vollpreis EUR 145,00
      Ermäßigt** EUR 116,00
      Kind*** EUR 87,00

      SEKTOREN 23/24


      Vollpreis EUR 100,00
      Ermäßigt** EUR 80,00
      Kind*** Junior Member frei

      SEKTOREN 9-13


      Ermäßigter Einheitspreis* EUR 85,00
      Kind*** EUR 51,00


A handling fee of EUR 10.00 will be charged for replacement tickets issued on the day of the match.

There will be no ticket sales in sectors 1/25/26.

*: Reduced tickets are considered full price tickets.
** Reduced tickets: young people (15-19 years) / pupils, apprentices and students (up to 26 years) / pensioners / basic military and civilian servants. Reduced tickets are only issued with valid ID.
*** Children (6 -14 years): Children's season tickets in the longitudinal and curved sectors are only available in combination with a full-price or reduced-price season ticket.

Unless otherwise stated, 2022/23 season tickets are not valid for national and international friendly and competition matches.

Prices exclude EUR 11.00 ticket deposit.